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Sherry N

Reviewed on March 17th, 2019

Daniele Dunlop Yeo helped us buy and sell in February, 2019
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This would be the second time we sold our house and the third time I bought – but this time I was buying on my own. Our house sold within a week but my purchase took much more work – multiple viewings and I was having financing difficulties. Rob was instrumental in putting me in touch with a mortgage broker which allowed me to secure a mortgage for the home that my daughter and I had fallen in love with and is perfect for us. Rob always responded quickly and professionally and when time was of the essence, he drove out of his way to meet me so I could sign the paperwork – even while he was in the midst of moving himself and becoming a new dad to twins! He was committed to helping me find the right home and the right mortgage and I am forever grateful. I don’t plan on moving again, but if I do, I will definitely be contacting Rob! Thank you for everything!