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Laura McCullough

Reviewed on November 2nd, 2019

Chris Cook helped us buy and sell in August, 2019
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We recently sold our first home. We spent a great deal of time searching for the right property to serve our growing family - and Chris was there throughout the whole process with a persistence and confidence that assured us the 'right one' would come. As our buying agent, Chris was readily available, well informed and equipped with the knowledge and skills required to succeed. There was never a moment when we felt unsure of how to proceed. He took the time to get to know us, and truly understand what we needed. Each time he presented a home, he was very good a laying out its wins and shortcomings, checking in with our wants and needs, and then helping us to proceed - either to the next property, or to swiftly preparing an offer. As our selling agent, he went above and beyond - and I cannot stress this enough. From washing our windows, to entertaining our busy children in between showings, to bringing us food on our last day in the property we sold; he always seemed to know just what to do in each moment. Beyond that, he made sure that our listing was presented with a standard of professionalism well beyond the norm. He understands the statistics of selling a home and the marketing required to do so. He made sure that our listing was in the hands of the right people and shared on a large scale. He also prepared for us a custom made listing booklet, again bringing our listing to another level, and also giving us a keepsake to cherish forever. We sold for over asking and within a day of being listed. He has both a confidence and kindness that makes him unlike other agents, and you find yourself encouraged and reassured knowing that you have him in your corner. Coupled with his passion and will to succeed, Chris is fabulous! We highly recommend him to anyone needing to buy or sell.

Thanks for the amazing review! When I with the absolute best clients you make my job so enjoyable! Thank-you for the opportunity to shine for you and your family.