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Martin M

Reviewed on April 28th, 2020

Calvin Hexter helped us buy in April, 2020
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[NOT_ACTIVATED_USER] This is the second purchase that Calvin assisted us with. However, in between the last and this deal, he efficiently and patiently showed us several properties that we were interested in. He never pressured us to make an offer when we were not ready. When we were ready to make offers, he would give us appropriate recommendations on pricing and conditions. He would weigh pros and cons of different offer options to assist us in making the best offer decisions. This deal took months to pursue but with Calvin's professional advice and speedy communications with seller's agents, we finally closed the deal with a better than expected outcome. We were very pleased with Calvin as he was very patient and helpful during the whole process. This property needed a facelift and Calvin recommended great contractors to help with the reno. Without Calvin, we wouldn't have been able to start the the reno the second day after we took possession. We would highly recommend Calvin to anyone who is looking to purchase investment properties as Calvin knows what properties attract good tenants and produce decent cash flow.