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david cline

Reviewed on January 2nd, 2018

Brendan Stoneman helped us buy in December, 2017
out of 5
Brendan came through and delivered for us!! We are new to town and were renting a basement suite. Not a good fit for our growing family but made due for the time being. As the year approached ending, the banks decided to change the way they lend money and really put on the crunch and stress of time. Late noticed and a late introduction led us to Brendan. He made time to meet us and get to know us, and find out what we were looking for. As we thought we were being picky and choosy, hoping not to piss off our realtor as we really didn't know exactly what we were looking for, he was able to help us navigate through and narrow things down. Then we were able to re-evaluate and figure out what the important things that we really wanted were. After that we were able to find a home and put in an offer that we felt was fair. Obviously not what was the asking price and again Brendan was able to negotiate with the other realtor and owners to come down to obviously an agreeable price. All in all it was a learning experience especially when moving to a new town and city and not knowing the where to be places. Glad to have Brendan as our unofficial home tour guide.