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Dean Fargey

Reviewed on August 15th, 2020

Ben Sweet, Meredith Miller & Darren Yee helped us sell in June, 2020
Neighbourhood Knowledge
5.00 /5.00
5.00 /5.00
5.00 /5.00
Negotiation Skills
5.00 /5.00
Property Knowledge
5.00 /5.00
Communications Skills
5.00 /5.00
Contact Expectations
5.00 /5.00
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Ben was recommended to me by an associate. I could tell right away he would do a good job for us. He came with knowledge, recommendations of how best to market the property, the type of buyers we could expect. After doing market research he recommended a price which was higher than I thought we could get based on current prices in the area; he turned out to be right, we got more. After signing with him he went right to work, within a week of listing and going "Live", we had our first offer. In the end we ended up taking an offer that was higher than the first offer and getting a possession date sooner, which we wanted. I can"t say enough, he did a great job, was professional, a get it done kind of guy.