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Megan Courtney

Reviewed on July 27th, 2020

Ben Sweet, Meredith Miller & Darren Yee helped us sell in May, 2020
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Meredith provided us with calmness, knowledge and helpfulness during a stressful time of trying to sell our house and move out of province in the middle of a pandemic! As first-time sellers, she was patient, thorough, and knowledgeable in walking us through every single step of the listing and selling process. When our plans changed beyond our control and impacted the timing of our listing and selling, she was caring, trustworthy and supportive despite any disruption that it caused for her team. She did everything she could to help us navigate an uncertain time. With my spouse leaving town early to start a new job before the house sold, she was a kind and friendly face and a helpful and listening ear whenever the whole process became overwhelming. She took so much stress out of the experience for us. With regard to helping us understand the market and price appropriately, Meredith took time to review with us in detail the comparable properties in our neighbourhood as much as we could, and look at sales trends in our area. We arrived at a plan for pricing our house that felt comfortable and well-informed because of the education and information she provided us from our very first meeting. During listing and showings, Meredith was in constant communication with us and kept us in control of what was happening, and up to date. While it felt like a challenging time to negotiate because of the pandemic, Meredith advocated for our best interest, and used her experience in sales and deals, at every step while leaving us in the driver's seat of the sale. We didn't get our asking price, which is fair given the circumstances of selling in the middle of a pandemic, but were within the ballpark given the challenging situation. More importantly, we were grateful to get a conditional sale within 3 weeks of listing the property, with a tight possession date and an easy closing, so that we could carry on with our move out of province easily with all our loose ends neatly tied up. Meredith certainly helped us achieve all of this through her pre-work with us before listing to put our very best foot forward, and with her straightforward interactions with other agents and potential buyers to close the sale. We are grateful for Meredith's reliable, to-the-point communication, her sense of humour, and genuine interest in us as people not just as sellers and clients. She made a busy, stressful time seem easier, with no surprises, and lots of shared laughs along the way. Thanks Meredith and team!
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