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Sheila McKillop

Reviewed on January 29th, 2020

Ben Sweet, Meredith Miller & Darren Yee helped us sell in December, 2019
Neighbourhood Knowledge
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5.00 /5.00
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Negotiation Skills
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Property Knowledge
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Communications Skills
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Contact Expectations
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Ben was a treasure to work with. In today's economy you need to feel that a realtor is working for your best interest, we never had a doubt with Ben. I first met Ben when I was interviewing realtors to sell my mother's condo. I was specifically looking for someone that had a good marketing strategy and that understood the current market both within Calgary and her community. I also wanted someone that could work alongside my mother and myself rather than working on their own and just tell us what their doing. Ben definitely all my expectations and that of my mother's. Working with my mother and myself, in my opinion, can be a challenge, Ben was always very professional and we truly felt that he cared about we wanted/needed. It was imperative that my mother had a certain amount of money from the sale of her condo (within reason) to live a happy and healthy retirement living, Ben was able to accomplish that for us. Ben was able to work with both of us and was always there to walk us through questions or concerns.it was great that I was able to contact him and never felt that I was inconveniencing him with my queries no matter if it was day or night. He was always promot in getting back to us and ensuring we had all the information we needed to make an informed decision. In working with other realtors in the past, there were times I felt they were more interested in making a sale rather than caring for our needs. We never felt this way with Ben, we always felt that our best interests were at the forefront. It was a pleasure working with Ben and he will always be the first on my list as a realtor for any future property sales or to pass his name along to those I know.