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Michelle A

Reviewed on January 9th, 2020

Ben Sweet, Meredith Miller & Darren Yee helped us buy in November, 2019
Neighbourhood Knowledge
5.00 /5.00
5.00 /5.00
5.00 /5.00
Negotiation Skills
5.00 /5.00
Property Knowledge
5.00 /5.00
Communications Skills
5.00 /5.00
Contact Expectations
5.00 /5.00
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The was most impressed when Meredith dissuaded us from buying a property we were hemming and hawing over. It would have been easy for her to swing us to purchase and make an easy buck. Instead she told us she wanted us to wait and find the perfect property, which we did a week later.

This speaks to Meredith’s integrity and commitment to doing what is right for her client. We are very grateful - we love our new home.

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