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Reviewed on May 30th, 2018

Ben Sweet, Meredith Miller & Associates helped us sell in May, 2018
Neighbourhood Knowledge
4.80 /5.00
5.00 /5.00
5.00 /5.00
Negotiation Skills
4.50 /5.00
Property Knowledge
5.00 /5.00
Communications Skills
5.00 /5.00
Contact Expectations
5.00 /5.00
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Meredith is very punctual and extremely knowledgable about prospective properties. She has excellent communication skills where she always keeps her clients in the loop on whats happening. She will not push you to buy something instead she will always help you make a decision and give her opinions and views on how she sees things. She tries to meet our expectations and most times went above and beyond. We enjoyed working with her and we wish her more success.

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