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Jason Quintal

Reviewed on April 12th, 2018

Ben Sweet, Meredith Miller & Associates helped us buy in December, 2017
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Ben was amazing. We are from out of town, and wanted a condo in the City. He found it, for the right price, easy to get in or out on Stony Trail. Close to everything we need, especially the airport. Or if we want to go west. Love it! We had trouble with the lender, and there was a bunch of sorting out. We had a deposit down, offer was made, but we were missing deadlines. They could have walked, but Ben smoothed everything over. He single handedly closed this deal. Lol. Poor guy. It was probably a month of monkying around for him. Whatever little points he made on a two bedroom condo..he worked hard, did it with a smile, and thanked us in the end. This guy is pro street.