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Kelsey D'Arcy

Reviewed on March 11th, 2018

Ben Sweet and Associates helped us buy in February, 2018
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My Fiance and I didn't know anything about purchasing a home when we jumped into the market. Ben Sweet and Meredith Miller came highly recommended to us by friends who had recently bought a house. We are now about to move into our very first home, and couldn't be more ecstatic! Meredith knew exactly what we wanted out of our house, and wasn't afraid to give her honest opinion when we walked into a dive. Despite both having crazy lives, there is not a single moment when you can't get a hold of them. Ben and Meredith do not sleep. While they have numerous deals going on at the same time, Meredith and Ben make you feel like you are their only client. Whenever people asked us how the experience with purchasing went, we always reply with "too easy", only to be told that it's not like that with everyone. Meredith and Ben streamlined the purchasing experience so that we never had to worry about anything except for completing paperwork. Not to mention both acted as life coaches when we hit a bump on the journey. Thank you guys for dealing with our crazy!!! Last but not least, Ben and Meredith are incredibly honest, a merit that is sometimes hard to find in a realtor. They are transparent in their work by keeping you 100% in the loop on dealings with other realtors. You can tell that they always have your best interest at heart and would never let you purchase a house that they too didn't love, or wasn't worth the investment. Whether you are a first time home buyer or purchasing your third home, Ben and Meredith come highly recommended. They know their clients, they know the market, and they are amazing at what they do.