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Alex Anogu

Reviewed on February 26th, 2018

Ben Sweet, Meredith Miller & Associates helped us buy in February, 2018
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Ben was absolutely amazing during our home buying process. He made an otherwise tedious process quite enjoyable. We learnt so much about what to look for both in older homes and new builds. He made sure we were aware of all the properties available in our desired area. Which made us very confident in our final choice. I appreciate Ben’s frankness and timeliness when responding to our multitude of questions. At no point while working with Ben did we ever feel pressured to make a decision quickly. After providing us we various options he let us take out time in deciding how we felt about each property.

As first time buyers we were not sure what to expect when it came time to negotiating the purchase price. Ben made sure to let us know what his plan was going in and why. Knowing what to expect put us at ease. Once our offer was accepted he provided us with comparable properties, to put our minds at ease, regarding the price we paid for our home.

Thank you Ben for all your help and guidance. We will be sure to look you up when we are ready to move up!

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