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New Calgarian

Reviewed on September 18th, 2017

Reviewed on Sep 18, 2017 by New Calgarian

Ben Sweet and Associates helped us buy in July, 2017
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We bought a house this past summer with Ben Sweet and Meredith Miller as our agents, and I can't emphasize enough how professional, helpful and competent they were every step of the way.

Many people go into the house buying process with a fairly clear idea of the sort of house they want, perhaps in a certain area of the city, with a particular price range in mind. We didn't really have much of that determined, so that it was not only house buying process but a real estate education process that we entered into. Nonetheless, both Ben and Meredith were consistently patient and understanding, asking us questions not only for their knowledge, so that they could more effectively help us, but also so that we would be able to determine for ourselves what it was that we really wanted in a house. Because of our inexperience this definitely took a while, but they were committed to helping us figure out what we wanted, where we wanted to buy, and at what cost.

Later, when we got to the place of making an offer, their knowledge of the market and their experience with negotiating absolutely shone. It was immediately evident as they walked with us through the negotiations, that they had a solid command of the requisite expertise, which was very comforting.

It is for these reasons that I give my unreserved recommendation for them as agents. People come to the house buying process from different places, but our experience with Ben and Meredith would suggest that whatever place you come from, they are eminently qualified and have much more than the necessary ability, experience and understanding to go with / guide you through to a completely satisfactory conclusion. Further, they do so in a consistently pleasant and kind manner that puts you at ease within moments of meeting them, and continues till and after the keys to your new home are in your hand. We would not hesitate to utilise them as agents again.

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