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Stuart MacNeil

Reviewed on March 27th, 2021

Barry Lebow helped us sell in March, 2021
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This particular property was a piece of garbage that had been almost condemned by the city. It was full of junk, had issues with the foundations, was extremely dark and dirty as the windows had been boarded up. The front yard was a disaster zone with ugly swamp cedar trees that obscured a really ugly facade. Believe it or not the backyard was even worse. The garage was stuffed full of junk and the garage door was broken. In short, this house was lucky to be sold at land value, maybe $550,000.00. Barry Lebow and his transition manager,Monica Black, not only cleaned out the house, the garage, the backyard, cut down the ugly trees in the front yard, Monica did it in one day! Amazing woman that Monica Black. Barry Lebow walked this very inexperienced seller through the process, was available to me 24/7, it was my first property that I’ve ever sold, but Barry’s skill took a house that I never thought anyone would buy, to a price level that I never dreamed of, are you ready for this? Monica cleaned the house and 2 day’s later, Barry listed it and 24 hours later he sold it for $1.1 million dollars! If you have any type of property, if it issues or not, you are making a mistake if you don’t hire Barry Lebow and his team. I’m still in shock over the amazing job he did. I’m only sorry I don’t have another problem property for him to sell, he’s such a nice man that I’m going to miss him. Barry did all the paperwork, made sure I had the right real estate lawyer and took care of all the small details that I had no clue how to do. I only had to sign some papers and say yes to the price. You cannot get easier than that. If you have any questions, call Barry, he will give you my email and phone number and I will tell you about my crazy adventure in more detail.
Stuart MacNeil

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