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Reviewed on 05 April, 2019 by Willie and Morris Fefer

Barry Lebow helped us Sell in March, 2019

Recent: York, Ontario, Canada

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We had tried to sell our mother's home last year. An agent came, listed it and did little else. That listing expired. We then contacted Barry Lebow. His approach was totally different as Barry brought various services and professional advice and a new approach. The first thing that he requested was that all of the tired, old furnishings be disposed of. He had us rip up the old broadloom to expose the hardwood flooring and to do touch-up painting. He helped us trim the yards to give the house good curb appeal. Then Barry marketed the house and we had good action and a very good offer that we accepted. The buyer was not his client. The closing came and the buyer could not close as they had not sold their home. Barry reached out to the other side, offered his services and because of his knowledge of mortgage financing, he helped that buyer get bridge financing and the deal eventually closed. He had to negotiate with 3 different lawyers, the buyers, their agent, and us. We doubt that few other agents could have pulled it all together like Barry did.

When Barry came to see our mother at her senior's residence, he was respectful, he was patient, and he made our mother laugh. We felt that at all times he had her best interests above all else.

We recommend Barry to anyone who is thinking of selling and the more complex the situation, he is the professional who can handle it.

A 5.0 out of 5.0!