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Victoria Soepboer

Reviewed on December 16th, 2019

Barb Potter helped us buy in July, 2018
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I met Barb by chance at an open house. I was instantly Impessed with her communication, knowledge & interest in helping me with specificly what I was looking for.
I lived a distance from the area I wanted to buy in. She went beyond anything I could have asked her to do and assesed any property in person for me. Along with her team partner Richard Harding. We had to find a few wrong homes to find the right one, but she knew what I wanted.
To show how much I recommend Barb and her team partner Richard..
I bought the home without seeing it in person.
I trusted them enough to know what I wanted.
They were there from me from the beginning.
Barb was always answering and working hard on anything relevant to my purchase.
I HIGHLY recommend Barb. She is quick to respond, expert in communication, knowledgeable, dependable, trustworthy, works hard to get what you need done and want. Barb along side her team partner Richard made my dream home investment come true.
They were there for me from the beginning and she was there to the day I received my keys.
HIGHLY recommended.