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montesa vecina

Reviewed on March 22nd, 2021

Angela Mills helped us buy in January, 2020
Neighbourhood Knowledge
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First of all we knew Angela long time back at my work where she always have her lunch , I always like her positive attitude towards everyone, that's why I always remember her name by heart and even her food and then later on we found out that she is a realtor and I start asking random questions about houses which gives us idea of buying a house, I can see that she is very knowledgeable and her willingness to help us when it comes to houses and since then I decide that she will be my realtor someday when I am buying a house. She is like an angel guiding us we knew that there are tons of realtor out there that are willing to help us in search for the house but I don't feel the connection from them. For us, first time home buyers we always have a fear hidden in our minds because buying a house is never a joke. Angela is different she will treat you like a friend its like we are having a connection she reads our minds, she listens to us, she does not hesitate to give her own opinions and she also advices us because she is the expert in short she puts herself in to our situations so she can understand what we wanted, she also provides us the best broker she have, because we don't have one, providing us the lowest possible interest rates. I personally recommend her to everyone mostly to my friends who are planning to buy their soon to be called home specially for first time home buyer she will guide you all the way through until you successfully own the house,.. again she is not just a realtor she is more than that...I really trust her a lot. To be honest we did not expect that our house would be like this great its so lovely and quite neighbors are friendly, school is just across the street, the grocery is just nearby and etc. Me and my husband are so happy thinking that we made the right decisions in our life....A million thanks to our great realtor Angel Mills she did an awesome job with us...you have better future waiting ahead.