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Mishaeli Doherty

Reviewed on December 31st, 2019

Andrew Neufeld helped us buy in December, 2019
out of 5

We want to start off with saying, Andrew was AWESOME and FUN to work with!

Our house hunting journey it took us about 7 months in total to find. This was our first shot at buying a house and we really didn't know what we were doing or what we were looking for... we just knew that we didn't want to end up with any major problems. And what made matters even more chellenging was we had a set price limit that we would not go over. So we looked at what seemed like hundreds of houses. Really, I think it was only about 60 houses in total, right? ;)

Through the process of it all we tried several different realtors (just for the sake of it)... and a lot of looking with privet sellers as well. In the end we made 3 different offers, one offer was out offered by another buyer. The other two offers we walked away from because of untold truth from the sellers.
Finally, we made a fourth offer. It was right in our price range and what we were looking for in a house!
The forth offer went through and we're now moving into our own home!

Andrew was very helpful through the whole process. He booked the showings at all kinds of hours because my sister and I worked different hours combined with her 11/2 hour commute to and from work. He always made sure he contacted us in a timely manner, he guided us through every step of the way and he NEVER made decisions before talking to us first.

Thanks for all your hard work and patience Andrew... you were AWESOME!!

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