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Reviewed on 06 February, 2019 by Hoory joo

Amir Motaghian Fard helped us Sell in December, 2018

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we had listed our investment property with an agent who had so much advertising in the area and we were hoping that he would sell our property quickly at good price,unfortunately our property not only didn't sell after 2 months ,but there wasn't any marketing done as promised initially,so my husband fired that agent after a lot of argument,then we got so skeptical about most of agents,then my husband got Amir contact from his colleague ,in our first meeting with Amir ,we told him our wants and needs,he dissected everything previous agent had done ,then with his assistant they came back with thorough plan the day after ,and my husbands made sure he was the one to sell our property,anyway long story short ,he sold our home within 2 weeks ,with quick closing,we were so impressed !!Amir is such an honest agent,and a real hard worker,as my husband say Amir is worth every penny of money he earns.this kind of guy deserves to be promoted ,and i highly suggest him to anyone looking for an agent.