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Colin Bock

Reviewed on July 9th, 2019

Colin Bock

Reviewed on Jul 9, 2019 by Colin Bock

Dan helped us buy and sell in September, 2018
out of 5

Dan Marusin represented us both for the sale of our old place and the purchase of our new place. We chose Dan through using his website EstateBlock.com, which was wonderful. It allowed us to search, filter and list possible properties by square footage and location. The map function was perfect, which allows you to draw an area on a map and only show properties within. This made the search a joy.

Once we were able to narrow down our possibilities we landed on around 3-5 places. The viewing process was excellent. Dan always showed up on time, gave us excellent advice and asked relevant questions to the other realtor. Often yeilding information we had not thought of yet.

On the transaction of both places i truly beleive we came out ahead with Dan's negotiating skills. Both transactions yeilded better results than we anticipated and i feel Dan brought us well in the black, even after fees.

Overall; Dan is a soft spoken professional with an uncanny sense for the real estate buisness. I appreciated having him on my side of the bargaining table and would reccommend him to anyone i know looking for an agent. And for those just browsing; his EstateBlock realty website is a pleasure to use.


Lyne Armstrong

Reviewed on November 6th, 2018

Lyne Armstrong

Reviewed on Nov 6, 2018 by Lyne Armstrong

Dan helped us buy in October, 2018
out of 5
I would give Dan Marusin 10 gold stars if I could. He certainly deserves it! My Surrey properties had been sold to developers for condos so I was in need of an honest, understanding, knowledgeable real estate professional to help me find my new and last home. I found more than that in Dan. I am up in years and didn't know any reputable Realtors but I know what I wanted in a new home. I could have phoned the Real Estate Board but did not want to go that route so this month (Late September/18) I searched elsewhere and found Dan's name on a For Sale sign in Lander, B.C. The house looked OK but I wanted to see the inside. Dan could do this for me but when I called him and told him what I was looking for, he said this would not be the house for me (although he would show it if I wished) but that he would like to send me a list of homes not necessarily listed by him that more suited my needs and I could choose all of them to view. I fell in love with one of the houses Dan showed. And then I watched and listened while Dan wisely and professionally negotiated a deal on my behalf which included getting the home at a much lower price than listed. Mild-mannered and easygoing Dan was on my side all the way and detailed everything for me from Contract of Purchase to what-to-do next, dates and times and locations of meetings. He even offered to pick me up in Surrey for meetings in Ladner, I very much appreciated his organizational abilities, along with his many other natural(hardworking, compassionate, generous, kind) and business skills. Even after I took possession of my new home on October 5/18, Dan still checks to see if he can help me with anything such as fencing ideas which I have been working on and other questions related not only to my new home but also to sales of large items in my "old" home. He takes care of his clients to the end and I feel that I am not a client now but also a friend. As far as I am concern, he is a 10 Gold Star Realtor and I will always recommend him to anyone in the future.