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Dotti D

Reviewed on March 14th, 2017

Dotti D

Reviewed on Mar 14, 2017 by Dotti D

Ernie helped us buy in March, 2015
out of 5

It's a plus today if you can find the right real estate agent in a world full of greed, scams, with no concern about a person's well being. As a single woman buying/selling my home I felt right at home with Ernie Gardy & his Team. They all had great concern when it came to the right Broker, Lawyer, paperwork being in well as how I felt about the proccess. This is a big part of service today because hardly anyone offers it anymore. The whole "team" was on the ball & within 3 weeks I found a new home & they sold my old one. The advertising was incredible. I opened 4 different papers & found my house up front on every page within the week of putting my home up for sale. Ernie has a calm, unfluctuated, enthusiastic attitude that gives you confidence in him as a real estate agent & he certainly came thru for me - this is my perfect home. The whole "team" cared about what you were going thru emotionally but if it wasn't for Claire & her wonderful jokes & friendly bond over the phone...(I'm not finished yet)...some days...I compliment her for her humor & "easy to talk to" attitude. A definite plus on your "Team" Mr. Gardy. I have & do not hesitate to refer the "Ernie Gardy Team" to anyone buying/selling. Sincerely, Dotti D. P.S.(House warming end of June I expect or hope to have you there) Great networking - Lots of food - Engineers - Drinks - More engineers - fun - More engineers...Engineers love to buy homes