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Montreux Owner

Reviewed on June 14th, 2019

Montreux Owner

Reviewed on Jun 14, 2019 by Montreux Owner

Seth helped us buy and sell in February, 2019
out of 5
Recent: Calgary, AB

Seth Allred helped us sell and buy our home (combined value of >$1.6M). We enlisted him because of his experience as an appraiser and his negotiation skills, and because he was referred to us by a friend.

Strong points are:
1. previous certified appraiser experience (although he also uses it to devalue your own property to the point where we questioned ourselves whether he is working for us or the buyer)
2. used to flip houses, so he understands the value of materials and upgrades
3. communicates professionally
4. provides good advice during negotiations

Weak points are:
1. Unenthusiastic and often unprepared during showings
2. He will not show you houses if it is outside your budget range. If you request it nonetheless, he will do it very unenthusiastically.
3. Busy during weekends, and not proactive. Made us look for houses to show him. Missed opportunities.
4. Worst customer follow up ever. He sells your house. No follow up. He helps you buy a house. No follow up. He takes your money and disappears.
5. Don’t hold your breath if you expect customer appreciation.

We do not recommend him to inexperienced first time sellers/buyers. You will end up having to do a lot yourselves. The overall experience was frustrating.