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About Keshia Moreira

Hola! I’m Keshia (key-sha)

My family immigrated to Toronto, Canada from Peru in the early 90s with next to nothing and without knowing the language. Through various organizations in our community and families that paved the way before us, I learned the importance of building relationships on trust, serving others and how to speak the universal language of kindness.

4 years ago, I moved to London for a job opportunity. I believe that my passion for showing value and nurturing relationships contributed to my success in the Hotel Industry. With over ten years of experience, my role as Director of Corporate Sales & Marketing for hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton sharpened my skills in public relations and the art of negotiation. As part of my job, I led many high-stake presentations to multi-million-dollar companies looking to invest and find value in our city. It has been an honor to serve London in this way.

True to my roots, I have developed a passion for helping newcomers build a home within a community that best serves them. Speaking english, español and português puts me in a unique position to help immigrants feel equally represented in the real estate market. I love that this has come full circle for me.

Studies show that the financial decisions made by immigrants are likely to differ substantially from those made by natives, both in terms of the amount of wealth they hold and its allocation into their assets. These gaps affect immigrants’ wellbeing and their ability to integrate into their host country as well as increases the likelihood of financial fragility.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, sell your home or you are looking for a cash flowing investment property, I would love the opportunity to bridge the gap for you into the land of creating generational wealth. I am relentlessly obsessed with this vision and commit to representing you with the utmost professionalism, to boldly negotiating on your behalf and to ensuring that you feel heard every step of the process.

I believe that no success in the world compensates for failure in the home and that time is our most valuable asset. When I am not working, I dedicate myself to spending uninterrupted time with my husband and our two boys. We LOVE to explore Canada’s national parks on foot or by portage as well as local gems found right here in The Forest City.

I do not measure my success by how many sales I make, instead I measure my success by how many families I can serve both directly and indirectly through real estate.


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