How to Gain New Business with Online Reviews in 2018


The real estate industry is evolving at a rapid pace.

Mobile devices, social media, electronic signatures, virtual reality and chat bots are changing how we do business. Business is becoming rapid-fire. Our client reach is broader than ever.

What does this mean to you and your real estate business? To stay competitive and in the forefront, adopting technology is a must.

Today’s Consumer

Consumers today use technology to stay informed and keep up to date. These shoppers do their research before they buy, and if they’re thinking of a big-ticket purchase, like a car or a house, they’ll take their time to learn everything they can.

Most of today’s consumers start their search online. When it comes to picking a real estate professional, even if they have a word-of-mouth referral, consumers will go online to confirm what they have heard.

In today’s world it’s critical to build an online presence. Online reviews provide a great way for you to build social credit and trust for your work.

For many professionals, the most challenging part of incorporating an online reviews strategy is simply deciding where to begin.

They want to know:

  • Where are prospective clients searching?

  • How can I talk to my past clients about leaving feedback?

  • When should I approach reviews with current clients?

So here are our top 3 tips on how to begin with your online review strategy:

1. Choose your online review platform wisely

You want a platform with a real estate focus that is independent and unbiased. look for a site that is professionally moderated and where the reviews are based on real transactions. This is the kind of site prospective clients go to find honest and reliable reviews.

For increased marketing effectiveness, opt for a platform that lets you share positive reviews on your social media and web presences.

Another valuable feature is review data to help you gain insights about your business and improve your geo-farming techniques.

2. Don’t hesitate to take action — you can get started right away!

Your first step should be to set-up an account with an online review site. Then contact your most recent clients and ask them to take a few minutes to share their experience with other buyers and sellers. If you make contact over the phone, always follow up with an email or text that provides a link directly to your review profile. This will maximize participation.

3. Start planting the seeds for your next reviews

Don’t wait until a deal closes to talk about online reviews with your clients. let your clients know, right from the beginning, how much you value their feedback and how public reviews are an important part of your business. Whenever you reach a major milestone, such as a firmed contract, or closing a sale, invite clients to share their experience on your review platform.

Let clients know you aim to provide a five-star experience. When you do your weekly check- ins, always ask if you can do anything better.

If you always aim to meet and exceed your clients’ expectations, you will pave the way for great reviews.


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