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Neighbourhood Knowledge


Did your real estate agent help you learn about your neighbourhood you sold, rented or purchased in?

Examples: How well did they know about the current market, property values, and/or amenities in the area?
Poor Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Great Outstanding



How well did your professional guide you through the real estate process?

Example: Were you aware of what was going on in the transaction; did they walk you through how the process works? Did they make your experience as smooth as possible?
Poor Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Great Outstanding



Did your real estate agent present themselves and the properties in a professional manner?

Example: Did they respect you, the property and other professionals during your transaction? Were they communicative, timely and courteous?
Poor Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Great Outstanding

Negotiation Skills


Did your real estate agent offer advice on negotiation? Were they able to negotiate successfully on your behalf?

Example: Did your agent prepare you for potential outcomes? Were they objective and realistic with the offer/counter-offer/conditions?
Poor Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Great Outstanding

Property Knowledge


Did your professional have specific knowledge on the property that you were looking to buy, sell, or rent?

Example: Were they able to point out any flaws or key advantages to the property in your transaction? Did they know the property value and able to price or negotiate accordingly?
Poor Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Great Outstanding

Communications Skills


Did your real estate professional keep you up to date on your transaction?

Example: Were they effective in listening to your needs, as well as offering the appropriate feedback? Did they communicate with you effectively?
Poor Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Great Outstanding

Contact Expectations


Was your real estate agent in contact with you in a timely manner? Did they arrive on time for appointments?

Example: Did they contact you as often as you had discussed and through the methods you specified? I.e. by phone, text, IM, email, etc.
Poor Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Great Outstanding

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