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8 ways to be an Amazing Negotiator

8 ways to be an Amazing Negotiator

You have to be armed with a pretty diverse skills set in order to be successful as a real estate agent. Not only must you be highly knowledgeable about your local market and its current trends, but you also need to be able to effectively communicate the buying and selling process to your clients.   These skills, h... more


It was a great day of learning and collaboration at rebarcamp Vancouver. They were so many great takeaways from professionals that are raising the bar in our industry. Here are our takeaways from presentations we attended. Unleash your Authentic Value Proposition to Differentiate and Close more Leads Speaker: Vi... more

Mythbusting: Are Online Reviews Bad for Business?

RankMyAgent tackles the myth that bad reviews are bad for business in this RE/MAX blog post. We also offer tips on how to manage negative feedback and even use it to your advantage! You can read the full article by clicking here.... more

How to promote yourself with Social Media

Your personal brand is what drives your business. This makes its promotion vital to your success as a real estate professional. You want past clients to be talking about you and you want prospective clients intrigued by what you have to offer them. All-in-all, you want to be at the top of the list when someone is loo... more

What Differentiates a “New Agent” from an “Old Agent”?

Do you know the difference between a new agent and an old agent? Which one are you? Find out in RankMyAgent's article on Inman! Photo credit: 141crew/Shutterstock... more

How to Become the go-to Real Estate Agent in your Neighbourhood

What does it take to become the go-to real estate agent in your neighbourhood? Check out our article on inman to find out! Click here to read it.... more

Effective Ways of Growing your Business: Advice from the Kapeleris Team

Work hard, care about people, and have a passion for others,” were the words and wisdom bestowed on Carmela Kapeleris by her Italian immigrant parents while growing up in Toronto. She watched her parents, particularly her father, take an active role in serving their community, a lesson she has taken to heart. Carmel... more

Carmela Kapeleris and Kapeleris TV – Technology, the bubble, and the future of the real estate industry

  Carmela Kapeleris constantly raises the bar in the real estate industry. Not only is she a top RE/MAX broker, but she is also a marketing brand expert, and has won several RE/MAX awards for excellence in her field. RankMyAgent was lucky enough to be on set for an episode of Kapeleris TV, the web based TV show c... more

The hidden opportunities in negative online reviews

New article on inman! Negative reviews aren't as bad as they're made out to be. Learn how to convert these nightmares into a useful part of your marketing plan. Read the full article on inman by clicking here. ... more

How to Rock Online Reviews: Advice from the Stone Sisters

  In the rapidly-changing, ever-evolving world of real estate, Real Estate Professionals frequently ask: How can I better connect with my clients? Top agents are constantly learning and willing to embrace new concepts, a belief system Kelowna, B.C. real estate agents and sisters Tamara and Shannon Stone wholeh... more