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The Best Real Estate Agents in Dunbar, Vancouver, BC

Reviewed 2 months ago by David Bell

What an incredible experience working with Leslie throughout our process. She literally became one of the family. She was a pleasure to deal with in every situa... more

Reviewed 2 months ago by Rebecca Holt

Soriah is extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable. She has supported me through three real estate transactions over the last five years and workin... more

Reviewed 1 month ago by Renata Yulgusheva

Richard is an absolute pleasure to work with. I didn't know in which area I would want to purchase. He is very knowledgeable about the marker and helped me narr... more

Reviewed 2 months ago by Raymond Ocampo

Muzda is a great fit for our needs and personality. She is our fourth realtor in a decade and I'm glad to have found her by chance when I was looking for a bigg... more

Reviewed 24 days ago by Lucas Rechtschaffner

I am a first time buyer and got referred to Bridget from a friend. She was extremely diligent and always very prepared for every meeting. Bridget also has a gre... more

Reviewed 2 days ago by Wei Xia

I have known Princess for a couple of years, and have purchased two properties with her assistance. She always stays on top of the market trends and replies to ... more

Reviewed 11 days ago by Maureen Evashkevich

Wendy is great to work with. She is a very down to earth person and very professional. She communicates very well via text, email and in person. We never felt l... more