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About Cielle McGuire

Want to buy or sell a home in Vancouver?

Talk with Cielle.

REALTOR® Cielle will put your interests above her own and she will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

Cielle keeps up with real estate trends and tracks down real estate data so you don’t have to. She knows her way around a purchase contract and has the know-how, the dedication, and the drive to get the results you – her buyers and sellers - seek.

In addition to being a REALTOR®, Cielle is a Certified Staging Professional who uses proven methods to give sellers an advantage in the market that can get them top dollar.

Additionally, Cielle is a trained linguist who has the ability to read between the lines and give buyers and sellers an advantage at the negotiating table.

Cielle started selling at a very young age. She spent her summers helping her Grandmother run various retail businesses, and got bitten with the entrepreneurial bug when she succeeded at picking, packaging and selling dew worms to fishermen passing through town.

As time went on, she added blocks of ice to her inventory by reusing her Mother’s milk cartons and filling them with water.

Cielle found no shortage of items to sell. She picked and shined chunks of quartz and amethyst and sold them to tourists passing through town, and went on to become a 5th generation prospector.

This passion grew into larger projects where she has since staked out gold and diamonds in Ontario.

Cielle’s travels have given her a perspective only experiencing other cultures can give. From Argentine Milongas under the stars to Salsa dancing in Venezuela to sleeping on rooftops and riding on horseback through the Andes, Cielle’s infectious zest for life will have you smiling all the way to your dream home.

If you’re ready to begin a real estate adventure, and want an agent who takes care of the tough stuff, and who buyers and sellers trust to make things happen, talk to REALTOR® Cielle McGuire so you can live where you love!

Latest Reviews

out of 5
Cielle helped us sell in May, 2016 Reviewed 3 years ago by Janet McGuire

Cielle has a very professional approach and attitude towards her job. It is totally obvious that she enjoys her job. She stages her clients home so selling will become positive and financially rewarding. She has a warm and welcoming approach. She keeps on top of what is pertinent in the selling market. I would totally recommend her to help others with their selling or buying.... Read more

out of 5
Cielle helped us sell in August, 2016 Reviewed 3 years ago by Grace Wilson

My experience was beyond my expectations...Cielle was a dream to work with...her knowledge and professionalism was second to none...I would highly recommend Cielle for all of your real estate needs.... Read more

out of 5
Cielle helped us sell in May, 2016 Reviewed 3 years ago by Lawrence Keating

Cielle did an amazing job selling our home. Since she is a certified stager, the house looked amazing. Combined with her professional expertise, we recieved $120,000 over asking price. We were dumbfounded to say the least. She always had time to answer our questions and address our concerns. We have no reservations recommending her if you're selling your home. But you better have your running shoes on. Once Cielle takes on your home, she's hard to keep up with!!... Read more