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Andrew Babich

Reviewed 2 months ago Bradley helped us buy in January, 2021
Edmonton AB, Canada
Brad is very professional, patient and flexible. He was always willing to accommodate us and meet us on our own schedule. He always made sure that our needs are met and did not pressure us into something we didn't want. He also made the buying process smooth and answered all our questions.... Read more
It was an absolute pleasure to get to know the both of you over the course of us working together. I can't thank you ...
January, 2021

Mark Cowie

Reviewed 5 months ago Bradley helped us buy in October, 2020
Edmonton AB, Canada
Bradley was an excellent realtor and was incredibly attentive along the way. It was our first time purchasing a home and he did an amazing job at running us through the process. He explained everything in great detail but would make sure we understood everything so as to make the right choice for us. He was very available for questions or something that may have peaked our interest and always got ... Read more
I can't say enough about how fantastic it was to work with the both of you. I'm incredibly grateful that you all ...
October, 2020
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